Giving Tuesday: Scholarships

Last year, the Northern Alumni Foundation gave out over $440,000 worth of scholarships to students at MSU-Northern.

That’s almost half a million dollars!

But we can’t take all the credit. As our Executive Director said in her op-ed last week published in the Havre Daily News, we offer “the opportunity for you to do good for others.”

The scholarships that come through the Foundation are not entirely from us; only some of the money is raised by our events. The Alumni Auction and the We Love Northern Ball help us fund a chunk of that $400,000. The grand majority of our scholarships come from the accounts that alumni and friends of Northern have set up for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of current students.

For example, Erika (pictured below), has won several scholarships while she’s been a student at MSU-Northern. Last year, she was awarded a scholarship from the Opal & Palmer Havskjold Memorial Endowment. This endowment is managed by us and is one of many investments that were made to better the lives of Northern’s students, their education, and this campus.

At this time of year, we ask for donations to our Excellence Fund. The Excellence Fund helps us manage all of the investments that alumni and friends of Northern give to the school. It takes a lot of work not only to set up scholarships and disperse them every year, but also to nurture new awards and new investments. Everything we do at the Foundation supports MSU-Northern. The Excellence Fund supports us.

Tomorrow is December 3rd: Giving Tuesday! We ask that you invest in excellence at MSU-Northern and help us continue to enrich the lives of students as they pursue their education.

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